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    About Us

    Foshan MingFa metal die-casting factory Main LED shell lamps, LED ceiling lamp housing, LED Spotlights shell, LED floodlight casing, LED street lamp housing, LED tunnel lamp housing, LED wall washer housing. LED fountain lamp housingLED underwater lamp housing, LED buried lights shell LED lighting accessories. Is a set of metal die-casting aluminum radiator, deep processing and mold design and manufacturing as one of the LED lighting industry enterprises, has been adhering to the "quality above all" business philosophy of "unity, integrity, cooperation, win-win" serve the purpose, in the backdrop of the "people-oriented" enterprise culture, the company has made the leap.
    Our products are renowned for the full range of reliable, quality and known.
    The company has a full-time, experienced professional and technical personnel to provide users with better quality and perfect service!

    Corporate culture: people-oriented
    Business philosophy: quality above all else
    Service tenet: the unity and integrity win-win cooperation
    Our products are not necessarily the best, but the quality of we will see more emphasis!
    Our services are not necessarily the best, but we will do more perfect!

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